Connection in the Details

By Maddison Eastcott-Layton

The September 2018 winner of our Capturing Connections competition, Maddison Eastcott-Layton, is an aspiring photographer from New South Wales who loves to capture the special moments in life.

After spending two years travelling around the world, her love for photography grew. Since then, her photos have been fuelled with a passion to capture memories that could easily be forgotten.

Even through the smallest of features, so much emotion and connection can be portrayed in a single image. This is what motivates Maddison to experiment with her photography in order to create a sense of wonder. From one image, you begin to ask so many questions.

With Connection in the Details, Maddison used a technique called free-lensing, which is when the camera and lens aren’t connected to allow an artistic twist on images. She says, “To some, this may just seem like an out of focus image, but for me it allows me to highlight and concentrate on the details most important within the photo”.

Maddison is inspired to continue capturing connections, and hopes that you are too.

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