Deeper Connections

By Izaac Fabian

Initially for this gallery, Izaac set out to capture all branches of emotions we feel. Tying it all back to technology, how it’s influenced our world for the better and worse and how it almost curates our daily lives. Through his observations Izaac saw passion, focus and dedication to using devices purely as a tool and staying in the moment. A total devolution to an obsession with these palm-sized devices for hours instead of socialising with friends. Izaac says, “There’s definitely an aspect of escapism which we get from our phones and laptops that drive us outdoors, but we can still remain connected with the world through technology”.

Izaac’s gallery shows how technology allows us to share our adventures with loved ones, even when we’re in isolation. These images are captured to serve as a reminder: outside of your online bubble, there are real people on the other end with the same emotions and vulnerabilities. “It’s easy to forget behind a phone there’s a real person with real feelings and their own world that may not have the same connections you do.” – Izaac Fabian.