Girt By Sea

By Toby Dixon

Toby Dixon: A Sydney based photographer and director who’s best known for his striking portraits of life’s unconventional characters and ability to capture beauty in unexpected places.

After winning a few industry accolades in his first year of turning pro in 2006, many doors opened to some of the nation’s best ad agencies. Since then he hasn’t turned back, with relentless passion towards making the best of every assignment, he has become a sought after image-maker in Australia and Asia.

“Australia’s culturally rich and diverse population celebrates many different ethnicities and cultures from all parts of the globe. As such, these cultures have brought us many different things to celebrate, not least of which are our ways to spend our time. I wanted to create a unique portrait series which embodies Australians connecting, showing people enjoying their leisure time, specifically our attraction and pull towards the water that surrounds our island.

Finding unique characters amongst diverse groups of Australians is my favourite thing to photograph above all other things. I feel this series is a perfect opportunity to create something brand new, fresh and inspiring.”