Open Connections

By Troy Harradine

The people have spoken and Troy Harradine has taken out first place in the return of Capturing Connections.

Troy is a talented Canberra-based photographer who explores connection through an adventurous style by using drones. In this series, Troy captures famous buildings, landscapes and sport. He says, “I believe the memories you create with people in these locations are what connect us.” Finding his own connection through a passion for BMX, he also captures other sports such as surfing. “I believe sport can connect us to a range of emotions and while they aren’t for everyone they can unearth a passion in people that is unmatched.” Participants have the feeling of connecting to their location and environment, whether that’s on their own or in good company.

Troy illustrates that the memories and feelings you can create by walking along the beach with your loved ones through to the connection you feel with any sport, are ones of happiness and inspiration. Follow Troy Harradine on Instagram to see more of his work.