Looking for what to do on a night out? Check out our top tips on what to do on a boys night out or a girls night out

Who doesn’t love a night out on the town, a night where you can let your hair down and enjoy some good drinks and better company. 

Everybody loves a night out, but sometimes it can get a bit repetitive. Going to the same place and doing the same old thing might’ve been fun the first few times but after a while it just gets boring. 

Never fear as help is here, the five ingredients for a great night out is the ultimate guide on what to do on a night out with your pals. From drinking to bowling or even karaoke, we have every aspect of your night covered. 


Who To Bring

Coming up with fun, new and creative ideas on how to spend your Saturday nights is important, but so is making sure you’re enjoying it with the right company. 

Choosing the right people shouldn’t require too much effort. Going out with people who you know enjoy similar interests and will be willing to engage in similar activities is a good deciding factor. 

Another good way to choose your best crew is to learn from past experiences. We’ve all had nights that we’d rather forget for one reason or another. Sometimes this is because of the people you are with. Avoid going out with people who tend to make some questionable decisions, sure it can sometimes seem funny at the time, but you may come to regret it later.


The Calm Before The Storm

Rather than waiting around till late to head out to a bar or club, why not do something fun beforehand? Or skip going out all together and go for one of these options. 




The movies are a perfect way to kick start your evening. While heading to your local cinema might be second nature, how about trying something a little bit different? 

There’s a huge number of different cinema’s that cater to an abundance of interests. Your preference may be something classy like gold class, or maybe a barefoot or moonlight cinema during the warm summer months. 

There is certainly something for everyone when it comes to going to the movies and yes for those who really want to kick start the night, there is always the option for a drink or two!


Sporting Event


Sporting events are another great way to get the ball rolling on a night out. 

Rounding up some of the troops and watching the footy is a perfect way to get you excited for the night ahead. While a few of you may leave feeling a little sour there are guaranteed to be plenty of laughs.

Whether you enjoy cheering on your favourite football or soccer team during the cold winter months, or rather enjoy watching some tennis or cricket in the warm summer months, there is certainly something for everybody.



Dinner is an integral part of your night and may be the difference between whether or not you can last. Remember, a night on the town is a marathon, not a sprint. 

A good way to make your life a little easier is to first choose a cuisine. Whether your preferred option is Italian, Asian or even Mexican, choosing a cuisine first will help narrow down where you eat.

Now that you have decided on a cuisine it’s time to pick a place. If you have a preferred place that you regularly eat at and tend not to branch out then that is always an easy option, as well as a guaranteed winning meal! If however you are always keen to try something new or explore new restaurants, then pick a place you haven’t been to before. 

For some, change is as good as a holiday so be a bit daring get out of your comfort zone. 



Now that you’ve enjoyed some food it’s time for a drink. Everyone has a favourite watering hole that they’ve had one too many drinks at. Nevertheless, if this place can ensure you’re going to have a great night then why do anything different? Head down and support your local!

If however you want something different, then why not try something new. Choosing a place to drink can also be hard but a couple of little tips can make deciding where to go that little bit easier. It’s always smartest, if possible, to go somewhere close to where you already are.

Another tip is to work out what sort of vibe you’re after in a place. Some may be after an inner-city styled bar, others a rugged style pub. There are those who like a place with a big crowd and loud music, some look for somewhere a little quieter and bit more fancy. 


The Cross Roads

Now that you’re a few drinks deep we get to a point of the night where there is a fork in the road, the “Cross Road.”


Turning Left


For those of you who are keen to keep the party going, let the drinks keep flowing!

Continue the night by staying where you are (if you’re already having fun then why change a winning formula?). Or you can choose a different place, something a little different to where you’ve already been and try your luck there. 


Turning Right


Some of you may want to take the night in a different direction and do something a little different. 

Changing it up and stepping out of your comfort zone may be a little daunting but it’s a great way to try something new and exciting. 

Activities such as karaoke, ten pin bowling or billiards are all activities that are great when you’re with a group. 


The Wrap Up

Unfortunately the night has to come to an end at some point. After you’ve devoured your mandatory “end of the night kebab” it’s time to wrap it up. Wherever you are it is important that you organise to get home safely and not on your own! 

Whether you have a designated driver or you need to book a taxi, ensuring that you’re able to get home safe is the most important part of your night. 

Also remember to put a bucket beside your bed, it may come in handy!