If it wasn’t already obvious from the decorations in shopping centres over the last couple of months, Christmas is right around the corner. We’re always excited when it comes to this festive period. Here are some interesting facts about how Australia celebrates.

One of the things we look forward to is a delicious Christmas feast. Of course, we in Australia have our own spin on things with glazed ham, prawns and other seafood goodies. So what state is best placed to get these essentials? Tasmania is punching well above its weight with the highest per capita number of butchers, and when it comes to seafood stores it has five times as many per person as the ACT (not much of a fishing fleet on Lake Burley Griffin, I guess?). WA has the least butcher stores per person having less than half when compared to Tasmania.

If cooking isn’t your thing, perhaps you’d like to join one of the hundreds of RSL clubs around the country who are putting on a Christmas lunch? Again, Tassie is proving itself to be a festive delight with just under 1 RSL sub-branch for every 10,000 people, almost double that of their South Australian neighbours. For those in ACT, you have fewest sub-branches per capita.

But enough about food, we know what the kids want this Christmas… TOYS!

Victorian kids are spoilt for choice because they have the most toy stores of any state, as well as having the most per capita. Closely behind are the ACT, followed by Queensland, and NSW. Maybe they can spare a thought for the kids in the NT though, who have the least number of toy stores, as well as the least per capita.

We all know that Santa only delivers toys to the GOOD kids. Right? So where does Santa get the gifts for those on the naughty list? Well NSW has the most coal mines – 61 of them in fact.

Speaking of Santa, we’ve had a look in our residential section of the White Pages and can see that he may have a few relatives here in Australia. There are 8 listings for Kringles and 60 listings for families named Christmas. We also have 81 Hollys, 131 Noels, 124 Canes (not sure how many are named Candy, though), and luckily… 0 listings for Krampus.

Wherever you are around the country, however you celebrate, and whatever your name – all of us here at White Pages Australia wish you and your loved ones a safe holiday and Merry Christmas!