Pub culture has defined Australia over the decades to become a much-loved tradition. The humble pub is a place to spin the yarn, to connect with the community, and most importantly, to partake in the ancient Aussie pastime of a pub meal and pint. If you haven’t done this, can you even call yourself Australian?

The country is populated with pubs and bars of all shapes and sizes, each with its own unique personality, atmosphere and story to tell. It doesn’t matter if you’re out in the bush, sleepy countryside or the bustling CBD; you won’t have to look hard to find a local pub at the closest town or city.

To help narrow the options down for you, we list some of the best pubs in Melbourne, Sydney and other states throughout Australia. While it’s near impossible to list all of the must-visit pubs worthy of this list, the below is a good starting point.

Top Pub in Victoria

The Mitre Tavern (Melbourne, CBD)

This pub is more like a museum that sells beer. In fact, the Mitre Tavern is recognised as the oldest original building in Melbourne. This heritage landmark has stood the test of time to faithfully continue serving ice-cold beer to Melbournians for over 150 years.

So step into a different era and enjoy a pint and a steak dinner at one of the best pubs in Melbourne. This building is a cornerstone of the city’s history and serves as a physical testament to its evolution. 

Top Pub in NSW

Royal Hotel (Sofala)

If you find yourself on Sofala’s main strip on a Sunday, you can expect the charming, but narrow street to be bustling with activity. You can also expect many locals and travellers alike to be passing their time at the Royal Hotel; one of the best pubs outside of Sydney.

This heritage building was established way back in 1851 and comes with over 160 years of classic charm. Make sure to say hi to pub-owners Sandy and Marty who have run the place for more than 50 years.

Top Pub in WA

The Rose & Crown (Guildford)

Head to this leafy suburb to have a pint at one of WA’s oldest pubs. You’ll find no shortage of atmospheric little cubbies to enjoy a private drink at The Rose & Crown. The venue also boasts a lush outdoor beer garden. Better yet, you’ll be able to score breakfast, lunch and dinner, made with a classic Australian style, seven days a week.

Top Pub in SA

The Grand Hotel (Millicent)

If you’re not afraid of things that go bump in the night, then check out The Grand Hotel for the chance to meet one of 10 or more ghosts that reportedly haunt this historic venue. So, for those who don’t mind a spooky story to accompany their schooner, then this pub is certainly worth a visit.

Top Pub in Queensland

The Fox Hotel (South Brisbane)

This charming pub gives you the choice of enjoying a beverage indoors, outdoors or on their relaxed rooftop. Depending on which level you decide to set up camp for the day, The Fox Hole offers a range of dining experiences available, from the classic pub meal, to shareable pizzas and char-grilled dishes.

Top Pub in Tasmania

 Bischoff Hotel (Waratah)

This heritage-listed hotel boasts a stunning view over the area’s popular waterfall and a relaxed, inviting atmosphere to boot. Many backpackers choose to stay at the Bischoff Hotel on their travels to take full advantage of the communal guest lounge, lock-up garage, coin-operated laundry and barbeque facilities.


Whether you’re looking for the best pubs in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Hobart, or beyond, Australia certainly has no shortage. Where will you be having a pub meal at next?