The ultimate guide to getting the most out of your 2020 Spring Carnival celebrations.

The Spring Carnival. A four day celebration of glitz, glamour and racing. 

Whether you’re there for one day or all week, it’s the perfect excuse to get dressed to the nines with a few of your closest pals.

The Spring Carnival is a great way to have some fun. However, there’s a lot that should be taken into consideration to ensure you get the most out of your day. 

From makeup, hair and outfits to food, transportation and the afterparty we’ve got you covered.

So saddle up and strap yourselves in. This guide will give you everything you need to know on how to get the most out of your day at the races. 


The Glitz And The Glam

Arguably the most important part for some, the glitz and the glam will take a lot of time and effort, so it requires a lot of attention. 

There are a few aspects that need to be covered when looking at all things glitz and glamour.


Hair and Makeup 


Hair and makeup are vital to completing your look and they can really make or break your day. For guys, it’s a little easier. Getting that fresh new fade a couple days prior goes along way to cleaning up your look.

For the ladies, there’s a little more to think about. Choosing a regular hair and makeup artist makes your life a lot easier. You not only know what you’re going to get, but it makes for a lot easier, calming experience. The last thing you want is any additional stress. 

When getting your hair and makeup done it’s vital that both you and the person doing your hair or makeup know exactly what you want. Whether this be showing photos or even getting a trial done before the actual day, it’s important you’re both on the same page. 




While this may be the most expensive aspect of your spring carnival adventure, it can also be the most fun. Searching for spring carnival dresses or a suit can be an enjoyable but tiring task and is guaranteed to come with its very own highs and lows.  

You may find that you’re asking yourself “what should I wear to the Spring Carnival?” don’t worry we have you covered.

A good way to start finding different looks and styles is to turn to good old social media. Whether it be saving photos on Instagram or creating pin boards on Pinterest, your socials are a great way to broaden your horizons and find some great outfit ideas.

Instagram is home to a number of accounts where people rent out their clothes, this can be a very cost effective alternative to buying a brand new dress or suit. 


Here’s some things you should also consider when choosing outfits … 


Derby Day Dress Code


The dress code for Derby is the strictest of the four days and is strictly a monochrome affair. Derby Day is all about wearing black and white or one-tone outfits. 


Melbourne Cup Day Dress Code


For women, Melbourne Cup Day doesn’t necessarily have a dress code but is more seen as the day for bright, bold colours and patterns as well as headpieces. 


Oaks Day Dress Code


Oaks day is traditionally seen as the ladies day. It’s all about the pastel tones and floral prints. 


Emirates Stakes Day Dress Code


Stakes day is often considered the most laid back of the four days. Blooming skirts and flowing dresses are all the rage. 



Going out for brunch is a great way to kickstart the day and make sure you’re prepared for what’s ahead. 

The world is your oyster when it comes to finding a place to eat. Most people have their “go to” places where they fancy themselves as being regulars, which is perfect. For others, cafes often have all day breakfast on the weekends, which caters perfectly to your brunching needs. 

All in all, it’s not so important where go so much as it’s important on making sure you fill your stomach.



There a number of transportation modes that will ensure you arrive at the races safely. Whether it be public transport, taxis or something a little more stylish we have you covered.


Public Transport


Public transport is often a very easy mode of transport that is both easily accessible and affordable. Trains and trams run all throughout the day on each race day and both have stops right out the front of Flemington Race Course. 




Taxis are another very easy and cost effective way of getting yourselves from A to B. Whether you’re at someone’s house enjoying a few pre drinks or at your local watering hole, taxis are able to pick you up from wherever. 


Arriving In Style


Limos are the perfect way to boost your style! Rounding up a few of your friends and hiring a limo is the perfect way to get the most out of your ride. Enjoying a couple of drinks and getting that perfect Instagram story is a sure fire way to make your friends jealous as well. It’s also very cost effective as you can split the cost between each person. 


Keeping The Party Going

Now that the racing is done, it’s time to keep the party going. There are a number of things you can do to make sure the fun continues after your day at the races. 




Heading to a pub or bar is an obvious yet enjoyable way to keep the night alive. Being in Flemington, you’re only a short train ride or taxi away to the city, or even places like Fitzroy, Brunswick and Richmond, which are home to some of the best bars and pubs in Melbourne.


House Party


Another good idea is grabbing a few mates and enjoying a few drinks back at someones house. It’s an easy option and generally cheaper than going out and can provide some good laughs. 


The Aftermath

Eventually the day does has to come to an end. For some of you this means getting in a taxi and making your way home from a bar or maybe someone’s house. However another good idea to bring the night to a close is to book a night in a hotel or apartment.

Whether it’s with your partner or a few friends, ending the night like this is a good way to wrap it all up and end the night on a high. You’ve already spent the day all dressed, why not make it a little more fancy.

However you choose to spend your day you’re guaranteed to have a blast! The Spring Carnival is always filled with laughter and fun and with this guide you’re sure to get the absolute most of your day. The good news is you can choose to have this fun four times over!

Remember to always be responsible and make sure you aren’t drinking or travelling alone.