Have you ever asked yourself, “How can I be more environmentally friendly?” With the green guide now you can. Read on to find out everything you need to know about going green.

Everyone loves that warm feeling you get when you know you’ve done something good, right? 

There’s a lot of talk about going green and both businesses and individuals are taking action to do there part. There’s no better way to get that warm fuzzy feeling then by doing something good for our environment. 

Whether you’re going green to help save the environment, save some extra cash or just to see how easy it can be, these tips and tricks will ensure you’re living a more eco-friendly lifestyle!

Conserve Water

Conserving water is a good way to save a buck or two and it’s also a great way to help our environment. 

Whether it be for a nice hot shower, cleaning your dishes or doing the laundry, pumping water throughout a home requires large amounts of energy, which ultimately means an increase in carbon emissions and greenhouse gases.

Not only is this doing direct damage to our ozone layer and increasing climate change, regularly pumping large amounts of water means more water wastage, which damages our environment and can be very costly.

Small little changes to your everyday life such as two minute showers, turning the tap off when brushing your teeth or even installing a water tank are ways that you can conserve water and become more environmentally friendly. 

You can also take this a step further and look at using water and energy saving providers. This will help you be more environmentally friendly and save some money while you’re at it!

Grow Your Own Produce

Have you ever thought about growing your own veggies? 

Growing your own vegetables at home has a number of benefits with one of the biggest being it’s good for our environment. By planting and growing your own veggies it means you’re effectively minimizing your own carbon footprint and doing your part to save our environment. 

Fruits and vegetables that are sold in supermarkets have travelled thousands of miles to get to your local store. The further your produce has to travel, the more fossil fuels and carbon emissions are created. By growing your fruit and veggies at home you restrict air pollution and greenhouse gasses, not to mention you get to feast on your own fresh produce. It’s a win win!

If planting your own veggies isn’t possible for you due to minimal backyard space or any other reasons, then buying locally grown products off smaller, boutique style supermarkets will also go a long way to saving our environment. 


Composting. It can seem a bit gross and pointless but the simple act of converting waste into rich, nutrient filled food for you plants is a simple and effective way to help save our environment. 

More often than not we let our food go a little over its use by date and naturally we just throw it out. This is actually doing damage to our sacred environment. The more rubbish we throw out means more rubbish that gets sent to landfill. 

A simple yet practical way to eliminate this problem altogether is to start composting! By setting up a bin where you put all your organic waste, you can break down your leftovers into rich nutrient filled food for your garden. It’s not only minimizing your waste but helping improve your garden as well. 

Plant Trees

Everybody knows how important trees are to our environment, so why not plant more? 

Planting more trees is a very simple way to be more environmentally friendly. Trees help to improve our environment in a number of different ways such as; emitting oxygen, cleaning our air, providing shelter to our wildlife and preventing soil erosion. 

While it may not seem like it, trees are a lot more important than we think and the more trees we plant the more positive the impact on our environment. 

So whether you’re redoing your backyard or just being a good Samaritan, planting a tree can go a long way towards helping our environment. 


We’re all aware of our environment and the scrutiny that it’s currently under. Whether you plant a few more trees and cut your 20 minute showers down to two, by following even just one of these tricks you’re doing your part to becoming more environmentally friendly. Who knows you might even be able to save a buck or two at the same time!

If this guide has inspired you, why not reach out to a garden & landscape business near you and begin planning your environmentally friendly dream garden.