Unfortunately, as we’re left waiting for the Melbourne airport rail link to be completed sometime post 2025, there isn’t a single, cost-effective way for travellers to reach Tullamarine airport. Depending on which way you’re coming from, you can either take a series of buses and trains, or you can fork out a sizeable amount for a taxi or ride-share.

It can often be stressful organising Melbourne airport transport to ensure you arrive on time, without paying an arm or a leg. We outline the pros and cons of each option so you can make an informed choice for your upcoming trip.

Public Transport

Although Melbourne’s train lines don’t yet stretch out as far as Tullamarine, you can get relatively close on the current lines. The only real Melbourne airport public transport option is to hop on the Craigieburn line and train to Broadmeadows station. From there you can take the 901 bus to the airport. 

Things To Consider

  • Make sure to check the train’s frequency as this will change depending if it’s a weekday or weekend and peak or off-peak.
  • The 901 bus runs fairly regularly (usually every 30 minutes), but these times don’t always align with the train departure time, so make sure you allow for this.


  • This airport transport option offers the cheapest transport from Melbourne city to the airport and simply requires a Myki card loaded with credit for zones 1 and 2.
  • A quick trip for those already on the north side of Melbourne


  • These services are not as fast as dedicated bus services or taxis
  • This trip can take over an hour and a half if you’re coming from the south east or west of Melbourne



For those after a faster and more comfortable trip to the airport, the SkyBus is a premium bus service running regularly from the bus terminal located at Southern Cross Station This service runs 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

View the timetable to help plan your trip. 

It takes passengers to Terminal 1 for QantasLink and Qantas domestic flights, Terminal 3 for Regional Express, Virgin and all international flights, and Terminal 4 for Tigerair and Jetstar domestic flights. SkyBus tickets can either be bought at Southern Cross Station or online.


  • The trip is quite short (around 30-40 minutes depending on traffic)
  • You can enjoy a more comfortable journey with racks to stow your luggage


  • The service is slightly more expensive than public transport with a flat rate of $19.75 one way
  • The service only leaves from Southern Cross, meaning some people may have to travel further away from the airport before then can head in

For those living in regional Victoria, there are a number of shuttle busses available.


Taxi Couriers and Ride-Share

If you’d rather avoid the hustle and bustle of crowded public transport, then taxi couriers or ride-share services offer the most relaxing and comfortable way to reach the airport. View our comprehensive list of suburbs and towns that offer taxi courier services

Download multiple ride-share apps such as Uber, Ola and DiDi, to compare their rates – as these will vary across the providers. Make sure to also keep an eye out for which ride-share service is offering promotions at the time.


  • Planning ahead with a taxi courier or ride-share ensures you can leave when you want to
  • You only need to rely on one mode of transport for the journey
  • You can relax in the comfort of your private ride
  • Ride-share services are generally cheaper than taxi couriers


  • This is the most expensive transport option to the airport
  • Depending on traffic, and your departure location, the trip could take over an hour or more


When deciding on your preferred Melbourne airport transport method, make sure to consider all of your options, plan your route and ultimately, choose the transport method that best suits you. Happy travels!