Ever spend your lunch break flipping through your social media, and wishing you could attain that put-together look you see on other people? Well there’s no reason you can’t and it’s never too late for a new resolution. Adopt a couple of these easy tactics and you’ll see your style improve exponentially, making this year the beginning of your glam era.


 Out With The Old, In With The New

This step might not sound as much fun as going out and buying a heap of new clothes, but it is in fact a practicality. Why? A number of reasons:


  • Unless you’re a Kardashian, you probably only have X amount of space in your closet. The more you get rid of, the more storage space you end up with, rather than having your outfits stuffed in a draw or ending up on your floor.


  • Financial reasons – there’s no point buying a whole heap of clothes and then realizing that none of them match your existing wardrobe, or you bought double-ups of things you already have. Going through your clothes will let you know where the gaps are so you can fill them.


  • Junk collects. Even if you are the Marie Kondo of organisation, the decluttering never stops. As human beings we are constantly accumulating things, either that we buy or get given. So realistically you need to be doing a big clean out almost every year, or even every season.


So now you know why you have to do it, it’s time to get down to it. Divide your things into three piles. One that you are going to keep (be realistic about whether you really will wear them), one to try and sell (try Facebook Marketplace, DePop and other online platforms), and one for giving away to charities.


Pick Timeless Over Trendy

After your ruthless decluttering spree has come to an end – the fun part comes in: shop till you drop. Practically, it’s best to keep this in check, and plan out what sorts of things you need in your wardrobe prior to making purchases. Online shopping can be great for this as it allows you to make checks to your wardrobe and put thought into your selection rather than making impulse purchases.

Trends change, but some things stay in fashion from decade to decade, all year round. Here are a few things that will add value to your wardrobe in a timeless manner, but can still be styled to make you look ‘of the moment’ per se.


  • Trench Coats: These have been around for an absolute age, look great on pretty much everyone and can be styled with a dress, skirts, pants, or basically anything. Choose one with some classic detailing and you’ll wear it all through winter.


  • A Crisp White Shirt: Whether it’s for work or play, night or day, a well-styled white shirt never goes out of fashion – regardless of age, gender or occasion.


  • A Floral/Animal Print: Everyone needs a little something to make their wardrobe pop! While monochrome clothes can be easy to style, a something out of the box never goes amiss either.


  • A Striped Tee – Casual but cute, whoever said stripes were an unflattering print are long gone! This is definitely a must have for casual catch-ups or low-key affairs.


Remember, choosing wisely now means less decluttering later! Both future you and your bank account will be thanking you for choosing pieces that will still be in fashion for many years to come.



Last but not least, rather than letting your social media channels stress you out and make you feel as though aren’t good enough, flip that on its head and draw inspiration. How? Like so:


  • Follow Wisely: Stop following people who wear designer brands you can’t afford. There are plenty of people who post about styling on a more average budget.


  • Save Things You Like: Many online influencers tag brands that they are wearing. Start keeping track of designers you like, and develop your own style and taste.


  • Visual Inspiration: Putting together a look takes a little effort. But with tools like Pinterest, and other online technologies it’s pretty easy to save images and make your own mood boards to inspire your daily outfits. Plus, it’s heaps of fun!


Now that you have your 3-step plan to a new you (well, a better styled you) there’s no excuses not to achieve your fashion dreams this year. Let this be the year you stop putting things off, and start wearing what makes you look great on the outside, and feel even better on the inside. Lastly, anything worn with confidence looks infinitely more fashionable any day of the week – and it costs you nothing to flash those pearly whites!