On holiday? A vegan feed can be a little harder to find outside of your own neighbourhood. Or maybe you’re a local, looking for a new spot to spice up your midweek bites?

The Sunshine Coast is home to a bunch of unique vegan cafes and restaurants.

Here are some of our top picks:

1. Elixiba

We’ll start by stating that Elixiba defines itself as a Plant Based Restaurant & Alchemy Bar… Alchemy? Sounds wonderfully witchy, right? Their cocktails – or “Liquid Alchemy Drinks” – feature custom brewed alcohol, distilled with herbs and superfoods.

Their menu features everything from raw kimchi dumplings and tea smoked mushrooms to loaded tacos and BBQ melt burgers –  but as you might’ve already realised, Elixiba takes their veganism a step beyond the plates they serve up. The team at Elixiba has curated a conscious space that preaches minimal waste, sustainability and “made from scratch” recipes. A big yes from us.


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2. Moo-Free Burgers

 All of the burgers. None of the moo. These moo-free masterpieces are a prime cheat day option.

Swoop in to Moo Free Burgers quick and try their limited edition “Mac Attack” burger – with a beef-less patty, cheese, lettuce, tomato, relish and tomato sauce stacked between two deep fried mac ‘n’ cheese buns. Pair this with a “nice cream” and you’ll have a full feast (and a definite food coma) on your hands.

Psssst: this is the kind of place that’d trick even the most devout meat-eater into enjoying a meat-free feast with no complaints. Go forth and use your moo-free powers carefully, my friend.

3. VanillaFood

Albeit their modest name, VanillaFood serves food a few steps above “vanilla.”

Unlike their predecessors, VanillaFood cannot boast a fully vegan menu – but the vegan meals they do offer make them very worthy of a spot on your to-visit list. Their Blue Corn Pulled Jack Fruit Tacos and Japanese Cabbage Pancakes are out of this world. All of their smoothies (and smoothie bowls) are vegan as well!

Also – a special shout out to their interior design is absolutely needed. Their dining space truly goes above and beyond to wow its guests. Check out their Instagram and you’ll see what we mean!

4. Nurcha

Body, mind, earth. Nurcha plates up some serious soul food – like loaded nachos, assorted “cheesecakes”, Coconut Creme Brûlée, “cheeseburgers” and pizzas. A little naughty, but still 100% nice to our fauna friends. 

Plus, you can leave with a little more than a full tummy –  visit their store to stock up on their almond feta, pasta, assorted sauces, essential oils, crystal rollers, bath salts and sustainable living accessories. You can practically deck your whole house out in Nurcha goodies! We apologise in advance for the definite addiction about to ensue.

5. Kunara Cafe

Hello heaven. Kunara Cafe is “Australia’s largest one-stop-destination for all things organic”. Their marketplace is filled to the brim with organic fruit, vegetables and delicious fresh breads – all of which inspire the delicious dishes they serve out of their cafe. You just can’t go past their “Very Vegan Big Brekky”, with crispy carrot ribbons, marinated tofu, oven baked tomatoes, pesto mushrooms, spinach, spiced beans and toasted organic sourdough.

Swing by their Garden Centre on your way out. It’s stocked full of gorgeous native plants, and the team are there to help you with any questions you might have about your garden – even offering one-on-one consultations by appointment. Kunara Café is fulfilling your garden and brunch goals all at once! Oh, just imagine the Instagram posts.


Needless to say, you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to finding a vegan restaurant on the Sunshine Coast. Where to try first?