Are you bringing your new best mate home for the first time? Before you do, there are some essentials to consider prior to welcoming your new fur friend!

If you’re a first time dog owner, it’s a good idea to educate yourself on the dog breed. All breeds have different quirks and personalities and understanding these beforehand will ensure you’re prepared and have everything you need. 

Educating Yourself on the Breed

Whatever type of breed you end up getting, being a dog, you can safely assume they will have a big personality! 

Consider the different characteristics of your new dog, whether it’s a breed full of energy, mischief, or one known to be all-round playful. Understanding the breed of your new dog and its traits will make the experience of being a first time dog owner easier. 

One important trait to consider is your chosen breed’s stamina and exercise patterns, especially if you have a larger dog such as a German Shepard or Golden Retriever. This will give you an idea of the commitment required on your behalf to exercise them. Keep in mind, smaller dogs may still have just as much energy and require regular walks! Consider visiting your local RSPCA centre to understand the different types of dog breeds available as a new dog owner.

Helping Your Pup Adjust

Whether you’re bringing home a new puppy or adult dog, they naturally will need time to adjust. It’s common for your dog to feel uneasy or anxious when entering a new environment. That’s why we recommend giving your pooch a space of its own.

This is particularly important when new dogs move into an uncommon environment, ensuring they have a dedicated safe space for when they’re tired or overwhelmed. This will help ease your dog’s transitional period into their new home.  

Dogs may also lose their appetite in new surroundings. Stress from a new environment can impact a dog’s diet, and this may take some time to adjust too. Make sure to continue feeding your pooch with a regular meal plan, and try to create a routine around dinner and breakfast time. This will help your new pooch adapt to their new meal plan and help make their new home a less stressful environment.

Meeting Your Dogs Basic Needs

As a first time dog owner, have you prepared the essentials for you new dog? Ensure you have their basic needs covered before your pup arrives at their new home. This includes ticking off the following items:

  • Food for your dog (consider puppy food if required)
  • Routine veterinary care appointments and check-ups
  • Bedding and blanket supplies
  • Licensing according to local council regulations
  • Collars, leashes and identification tags
  • Grooming equipment such as brushes and combs 

Having the basic needs and accessories prepared prior to the arrival of your new pooch will help your dog adjust during the transitional period. As a new dog owner, it’s also important you start off right by buying quality products for your new pup. Consider visiting your local pet store for all your pet supplies or to speak to an expert if you have any questions.


Taking care of your new dog will take patience as you both get to know one another. The first few weeks of bonding with your new dog is crucial to ensure a happy and safe home. Enjoy this time spent with your new dog and remember the above essentials to help your new family member to feel at home.