It’s right smack in the middle of summer, Valentine’s Day season, and for those that are after some summer lovin’, it might be worth thinking about where you spend most of your time. What does your city have to offer when it comes to lovey-dovey locations? What are the typical things you associate with romance? Dinner dates, flowers, jewellery and more?

Ample access to such relevant businesses is often indicative of whether a city is a prime location for singles looking to maximise the quality of their dating life, or couples wanting to bask in their happy bubble. Let’s take a look at how different areas of the country compare as hubs of romance, based on what’s on offer for dates, gifts and more.


Wining & Dining

Nothing quite says romance like a fancy dinner date, somewhere with a great atmosphere, delectable food choices and of course someone you’re crazy about. If you frequent the dating scene, you probably have your favorite haunts that are your go-to picks. The best part about living in a happening city is you’ll never run out of restaurants to discover – whether you’re visiting with your latest fling, potential partner or treating your special guy or girl to a night out.


When it comes to options for dining out, Melbourne is the clear winning city with approximately 675 restaurants, followed by Sydney with around 550. But if you live outside of these two cities, by a considerable margin the next best place to be would be Adelaide over other areas of Victoria, New South Wales or other parts of the country.

Melbourne Food

Shine Bright Like A Diamond

Dining out aside, a sure way to charm whoever you’re trying to woo is with a little bling. Not to mention, once things get serious and you’re looking to pop the question, it’s always handy to have a healthy supply of jewelers on hand (it might take you awhile to find the perfect ring!). But even if you aren’t quite at that stage, nothing says ‘I’m falling for you’ like something a little glittery that your partner can wear as a reminder of you.

While Melbourne wins out on the restaurant front, Sydney takes the lead when it comes to jewelers. So if your special someone has a taste for sparkles, or you’re looking to tie the knot anytime soon, it truly is the place to be.

Sydney Diamonds


The Power Of The Flower

Never underestimate how sending someone you’re courting flowers out of the blue can give you a massive leg up in your pursuit of them. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary or just because you can, it’s an amazing pick-me-up and lovely way to remind someone that you appreciate them. In this case, a small amount of money and effort goes a long way – whether in terms of strengthening a relationship or developing a new one.  

In terms of cities with a good number of florists, the cities of Melbourne and Sydney are unsurprisingly neck and neck. These two aside, the next best places to be are Richmond in Victoria, or once again, the dark horse – Adelaide.

Florists Melbourne


The Spicy Side Of Romance

 While the classy and elegant side of romance is all well and good, which cities offer the greatest potential for the naughtier side of nice. Melbourne comes in first, being the city with the greatest number of escort services as well as plenty of adult stores. Followed closely by Sydney and Brisbane, both of which are also well populated with businesses if you’re after a spicy love affair or risqué gift for your spouse, partner or lover.

Melbourne Escorts

So what’s your definition of a hub for romance? An unlimited number of hot date night spots, places to buy gifts or something a little edgier? Regardless of your answer, now you know the city that most suits your taste, and is the most appropriate hub of romance for your style of wooing.