Regardless of the Victorian suburb you live in, every area has many services provided by the local council. These services are totally dependent on what resides within the suburbs, including residential and family estates, infrastructure, industrial, or farming land.

You may be asking yourself, “What do councils do?” And it’s a fair question. They offer a wide range of services, some you might not even be aware of. Beyond commonly known services such as waste removal, pet registration and parking permits, councils offer a wide range of other services that may surprise you!

We’ve compiled a list of common local council services below to give you an idea of how you can best make use of them. Otherwise, to learn more about the services available in your area, visit your local council’s website.

Aged Care and Disability

From in home care to delivered meals, your local council provides support to elderly people within your community. Other services available include home maintenance and community buses, allowing senior citizens to live with independence in their local community.

Whether for yourself or an elderly loved one, it’s worth researching what’s available to make your life easier.

Arts and Culture

Your local council provides a variety of spaces dedicated to arts and culture and bringing the community together. On top of this, they host many local events such as dawn services and Christmas activities.  

Your local council also allows residents to rent community spaces for private functions, including birthdays, engagements and even weddings. These spaces, such as town hall function rooms, can be accessed for those needing a large, dedicated space for their upcoming event. 

Pets and Animals

Did you know you need to register your cat or dog with the local council? They manage the entire pet registration and tracking process. To help ensure responsible pet ownership, local councils offer pet registrations, and special permits regarding livestock and keeping animals. Local councils also fund and operate animal shelters for pet rescue and adoption. 

Family and Children

Councils offer a variety of services dedicated to families and children. These include child care minding, community houses, playgroups, libraries and more. Immunisation community sessions can also be accessed by families for free with your local council.

Cleaning and Waste

The removal of domestic waste is one service your local council is most commonly known for. This includes rubbish, recyclables, and litter management. Once a year, your council will also collect hard rubbish that is too big for standard bins, including furniture, electronics, tyres, timber, cement and much more.

Roads and Transport

From providing safe and connected footpaths and cycle tracks, to maintaining our roads, the local government plays a big role in keeping us mobile. Bus shelters, community transport, and school crossing supervisors are also provided by your local council. 

The above are just a handful of popular services your local council offers. To learn more about what your council can do for you, visit their respective sites or simply give them a call. 

What does the legislative council do?

Not to be confused with a local council, a legislative council isn’t involved in the day to day services of each area, and instead serves in the Upper House of Parliament. The legislative council of Victoria is based on the Westminster model of the United Kingdom. 

The model consists of two houses in Parliament, a Lower House and an Upper House. The Lower House is known as the Legislative Assembly, and the Upper House as the Legislative Council.

How do I contact my local council?

If you have any questions about your local council, consider contacting them today from your local council’s website. They will be happy to answer any questions about the services they provide in your area. Alternatively, visit your local council office today to speak to a professional directly.