From the icy North of Westeros to the baking deserts of Alberque, New Mexico; your favourite TV characters may be closer than you think. 

You could be down at the shops and walk past the infamous vampire slayer Buffy without even realising it. Perhaps your next door neighbour has an RV with suspicious looking fumes seeping out of it? Well, you might just be living next to a Walter White. Or maybe you have a Carrie Mathison in your area investigating you in the interest of Homeland Security.   

We take a look at which areas in Australia you’re most likely to run into people named after some of the most iconic TV characters.

J. Snow

You know nothing J. Snow! 

The Bastard of Winterfell might have no idea, but there are a number of other Snows in Australia who might like to defend the honour of their name. 222 of them to be exact! Below are the top areas in Australia you’re most likely to run into a Snow. Just don’t bring up their parents… or their aunty.

Especially not their aunty.

  • Port Macquarie, NSW: 3
  • Casino, NSW: 3
  • Rydal, NSW: 3
  • Beaudesert, QLD: 3


W. White

I am the one who knocks. I am the danger. 

If you know someone in your area who likes to throw around these ominous and rather pretentious one-liners, then you may very well have a Walter White on your hands. Keep an eye out for a balding, retired chemistry teacher hanging around with his young, smart-mouthed protege. Just make sure you avoid any suspicious meet ups in junkyards, abandoned warehouses, or the middle of the desert; you know, common hang out locations. 

Below are the top areas in Australia you could find your very own W. White.

  • Port Macquarie, NSW: 36
  • Orange, NSW: 25
  • Goulburn, NSW: 24
  • Mt Gambier, SA: 20


B. Summers

When nighttime falls and evil forces roam the streets, you may want a Buffy Summers of your own in the neighbourhood. Before the time of sparkling vampires who liked to brood and talk about their feelings, there were the monstrous vampires of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

So if you’re in need of a teenage vampire slayer to kick some undead butt, head to one of the below areas known for their Summers’. 

  • Wynward, TAS: 8
  • Casino, NSW: 5
  • Forster, NSW: 5
  • Paradise Point, QLD: 4


C. Mathison

They say a good CIA operative blends in and looks just like anybody else. They have no distinguishing features and often get overlooked in a crowd. Their sole purpose is to be a no-one and avoid attention. If you know a real no-one, then you may be living next to such an operative and not even know it. Better take back those nasty things you said about them behind their back about stealing your mail.

If you know a Carrie Mathison in your suburb then she very well may be a CIA agent investigating potential terrorist cells in your neighbourhood. There could be worse neighbours to have watching your back?

So check out the below top suburbs most likely to have Mathison’s setting up wire taps and video surveillance.

  • Winchelsea, VIC: 3
  • Burpengary, QLD: 2
  • Forest Lake, QLD: 2
  • Moe, Victoria: 2  


Even iconic TV show characters and their name doppelgangers have to be neighbours with someone. Next time you’re in one of the above areas, keep an eye out for one of these famous (or infamous) surnames. Otherwise you can check out the areas with the most people named after other  famous characters here.

Any Homer Simpsons out there?