We live in a world consumed by pop culture, which leads to many idolizing the seemingly perfectly leading men of the books, movies, plays and more that fill our heads. So if you’re chilling out watching a heart-wrenching drama or rom com this Valentine’s Day, are you imagining yourself with a Romeo, Casanova or a modern day story tale hero? Take a look at how many men and women in your city share the names of these swoon-worthy characters, so you know your chances of tracking one down without having to step outside your hometown.


Romeo: The Classic Romantic Hero

Correspondence from balconies, swoon-worthy letters, violence, heartbreak and not willing to go on without one another – what more could a person want? From remake to parody to spin-off, we’ve followed the tale of star-crossed lovers across the years as it fills us with unrealistic ideas of passion and romance. But if you’re just a Juliet looking for her Romeo, look no further, you’ll find a far few in Victoria and New South Wales:


Casanova: The Old School Bad Boy

We hate to admit, but everyone has a soft spot for bad boys. While the Romeos of the world can be a treat, no one can deny the appeal of a darker side. Maybe you aren’t ready for the epic love of your life yet, and are looking to hit it off with a suave man who’s fun for now. If that’s you, keep an eye out for the Casanovas of your area and you may just be in store for a rollercoaster ride of emotion.


Jack Dawson: The First Young Love

Yet to experience truly falling head over heels for the first time? Then there’s no doubt you’re a fan of the sweet, young, yet tragic romance of Jack and Rose aboard the Titanic. Here’s to hoping your fling or budding connection has a far more idyllic ending. If the Romeo version of Leo DiCaprio wasn’t for you, it’s time to go searching for his younger prototype – and check out how many J. Dawsons live near you.


Edward Cullen: The Unattainable Fantasy

Why was The Twilight Saga an incredibly successful phenomenon? Probably because its audience knew that men like Edward Cullen are next to impossible to find. Well, completely impossible if we count the fact that he’s a vampire. But who doesn’t love losing themselves in complete and utter fiction? Old-fashioned, protective, powerful and incredibly good looking – we can’t promise the E. Cullens in your region will quite match up, but you never know till you try.

Christian Grey: The One Night Stand You Won’t Forget

Anyone who’s seen Fifty Shades Of Grey is probably in agreement that Anastasia was crazy to think Christian was husband material. However, there’s no denying that if you’re after a no-strings-attached-one-nighter, he’d probably be a pretty safe bet. Let’s hope the C. Greys in your area watched the movie and picked up a thing or two, so that if nothing else they leave you with a night to remember.

Wonder Woman: The Independent ‘Boss’ Woman

Let’s not forget all the men out there searching for a special lady. We all know independence is one of the sexiest qualities, and everyone loves a lady who’s got her own thing going, but still makes a little time for them of course. Not to mention the recent Wonder Woman movie featuring the beautiful and talented Gal Gadot has definitely got the men of the world thinking about finding their very own Diana Prince. It’s a tall order to live up to, but we reckon the wonder-ful girls of your neighbourhood will rise to the occasion:

Cat Woman: The Alluring Mystery

We can all relate to being attracted to someone we can never quite figure out. Whether it’s the woman you rarely see who occasionally pops up at your local supermarket, or the seemingly shy acquaintance of whom you know you’ve barely scratched the surface. Nothing’s more fun for a guy than the chase, so there’s no doubt the Selina Kyles of the town are already on their radar. But just in case they aren’t, here’s where to find them:

What If I Just Want Love?

Fictional characters are all well and good, but the day that symbolizes the height of romance for the year is coming up, and some people are after more than just a good date. If you’re searching for the real thing, check out the amount of Love near you, quite literally, in the chart below. Hopefully for you, one have them has yet to find their namesake.

People say that the name of a person can be very telling – and now you have the information to find out if that is indeed true. Whether you’re after a classic romantic tale, passion-filled fling or yet to find your first epic love, let’s hope the eligible men and women in your area are exactly what you’re looking for.